How to Catch a Cheater

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how to catch a cheater
Table of Contents
  1. Auto-filled Passwords in Chrome
  2. Google Timeline
  3. Cloud Storage
  4. Hidden and Archived Chats
  5. Battery Usage
  6. Uber Notifications
  7. Fake Profiles
  8. Keyloggers
  9. Spyware Apps
  10. Hidden Cameras
  11. GPS Trackers
  12. Voice Assistants
  13. Conclusion
  14. FAQ

Ok, so you’ve read our previous post on 20 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating and have a solid foundation to suspect that your partner is unfaithful. What do you do next? Whether you want to catch them red-handed or gather proof that they are cheating to confront them, you need to track down their affair first.

Before we continue, please be advised that we do not encourage using any of the methods described below as they are a violation of your partner’s privacy and are lawfully arguable.

Auto-filled Passwords in Chrome

If your partner uses Google Chrome browser on his computer or laptop, you can access saved passwords to see which websites your partner has registered accounts on. You could then obtain access to their profiles to view any correspondence using the stored passwords that you write down.

To view auto-filled passwords:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Go to Settings (via the three-dot button in the top right corner)
  3. Click on “Autofill”
  4. Select Passwords
  5. Look for social or dating site profiles
  6. Click on the “eye” button to reveal the password

Or simply type this link into the search bar and repeat steps 5 and 6.

Note: You will need to get your partner’s computer password first for this. You may have to make up some valid excuse to obtain the password. For example, you need to access the computer for something while your partner is at work. Once you have the password, you will have to enter it each time to see the stored passwords.

Google Timeline

If your partner uses Google maps as their navigation system, you could easily track down their movement during the day for any given date. Google timeline gives you the exact time and location where the user was on any day in the calendar. This info could be used to confirm your partner’s story.

To open Google Timeline:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Sign in to Google (you will need your partner’s account - great that you have the password, right?)
  3. Click on the menu on the top left corner
  4. Select Timeline

In the screenshot below, I have looked up my trip to Pittsburgh 4 years ago.

Cloud Storage

The best place to find evidence is the trash bin. Need cold hard proof that your partner is cheating? Check the trash folder to see any photos, messages or emails, that were not permanently deleted.

Even if they were permanently deleted, there is a good chance that they have been backed up onto the cloud. Your partner may have synchronized their devices with the cloud, and all incriminating evidence could be found by snooping through their online storage.

Check their iCloud or Google Drive to see if there is anything of interest.

Hidden and Archived Chats

Ok, let’s face it - no one uses standard messages when they’re cheating. Only the most old-school or completely inexperienced cheaters use SMS or Facebook messages. All interesting conversations are happening in hidden, secret, archived, or password-protected chats with silenced notifications in 2022.

First, you will need to gain access to your partner's phone. To do this, have your cellphone *suddenly* lose its charge. Picking up your partner’s phone from the table (it’s vital that you hold it as your partner will be less likely to say no), ask your partner to give you the password as you *urgently* have to make an important phone call. Call some earlier prepared number and walk out for the conversation when you unlock the phone.

Now that you have the phone unlocked, you need to ensure access to it for future snooping. To do that, open Touch ID (or similar), add your fingerprint to the device, and confirm with the given password. Voila! You now have access to the phone, even if your partner changes their password straight after you return it.

Now let’s get back to messengers:

  • Telegram - Pull down the list with your finger on the messages screen. This will expose all chats that are archived if there are any.
  • WhatsApp - Pull down the list with your finger on the messages screen (iPhone) or scroll to the bottom of the chats and click on Archived (Android).
  • Viber - Type in a four-digit PIN in the message search bar. That will reveal all hidden chats if you’ve guessed the pin correctly.

Battery Usage

Since we’re talking about cheaters that use phones to communicate with their lover (it would be pretty hard communicating using only a laptop or a desktop computer), an excellent place to start would be finding out which apps they use for this communication (given that you couldn’t find anything in messaging apps from the method above).

On an iPhone:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Screen Time
  3. Tap on See All Activity

On Android:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Device Care
  3. Open Battery

This should give you an hourly breakdown of the apps used and how much battery was drained during the use of these apps.

Note: This method would not directly expose your partner’s affair but will give you an indication of which apps you need to gain access to with the highest probability of success in finding incriminating chats.

Uber Notifications

Your partner may not always be taking their car to meet with their affair, especially if they plan to go out drinking together. You can set yourself up as a trusted contact on Uber to receive notifications every time your partner completes a trip. These notifications typically include the date, time, addresses, and a ride map.

To set up notifications:

  1. Open the Uber app on their phone (great that you have access to it now)
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Manage Trusted Contacts
  4. Add your number as a trusted contact

Note: This works with most other car-sharing apps too. Ride notifications are a standard safety feature that could be exploited for the sake of tracking your partner’s whereabouts.

Fake Profiles

You can create a fake profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder (if you’ve noticed it on your partner’s phone) and see how they react. First, you must create a believable profile with sufficiently filled information, photos, likes, and comments. Now get your rod out ‘cause it’s fishing time.

Okay, so there are two ways of doing this: the long and the short:

  • The short - Make the first move. Send them a like or a friend request and see how they respond. This method gives an average result as your partner may suspect something and stay cautious (or, in contrast, they can go all out with flirting).
  • The long - Patiently wait for them to bite the bait. This approach will give you 100% proof that your partner is out hunting for an affair. Though you may have to make yourself visible first, for example, by posting something in a group that your partner is in (so that he sees you in the first place). For Tinder - just stay online and wait.

Note: Stealing someone’s photos to create fake profiles is not cool. We do not encourage this in any way.


Keystroke loggers are software installed on a computer to monitor what is being typed in on the keyboard silently. They allow you to track and record what is being written, sent, and displayed on the screen, which means you get a complete understanding of what a user is doing every time they turn on their computer.

There are many different legal aspects related to installing keyloggers on someone’s computer to monitor their activity as you get full access to personal information, including sensitive documents, passwords, bank accounts, and credit card numbers. Most antivirus programs detect keyloggers and stop them from tracking events.

We will not endorse or post any links to specific software in this article, as a simple Google search will give you a list of software that can be used to monitor device activity.

Note: Be very careful with using keyloggers as they are commonly used for credit card fraud, identity theft, and other types of scams. By downloading similar software, you put your partner at risk of being exposed to fraudulent activity from a third party.

Spyware Apps

Similar to the point above. Spyware apps are basically keyloggers for a phone. Once you install a spyware app, it will record all user events during the day and show you what the person did on their phone.

Most mobile device marketplaces like the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Market will not distribute such software, so you will need to find some creative ways and shady sources to install spyware on your partner’s phone.

As with keyloggers, use this method at your own (and your partner’s) risk.

Hidden Cameras

If you suspect that your partner is cheating in an area where you both have access (home, garage, other property you both own), then one method of confirming your fears is to place hidden spy cameras to catch them in the act.

Nowadays, ample nickel-sized camera lenses offer excellent picture quality that record video on a flash drive or transmit the signal to other devices like your smartphone. These cameras can be masked as phone charges, power outlets, lamps, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and even coat hangers.

Check out Amazon ( or eBay (

Note: It is illegal to install surveillance equipment outside your own property. I.e., workplace, shared office space, flat you’re renting out, etc. Be especially careful when placing cameras in sensitive areas such as bathrooms and showers, as this is a criminal offense.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are good if you need to track the movement of an object on a map. The best use for these devices would be to attach them to a car or a briefcase in case you need to know your spouse's whereabouts at any given time.

As with hidden cams, GPS trackers also come in various shapes and sizes and could be easily masked in any household object. In 2022 you could find a location tracker that will fit in a shoelace.

GPS trackers do not allow you to confirm or deny the possibility of your significant other being unfaithful, but you could sum up the facts if you know where your partner should be, where he is telling you he is and where he really is at the moment (especially if you know addresses of potential lovers).

Voice Assistants

Smart speakers with voice recognition are nearly in every home nowadays. But did you know that they can record all voice commands that were ever spoken? This leaves a great opportunity for finding out what commands were given and who exactly gave them. You may be surprised to hear what could be happening at home during your next weekend trip.

First of all, you would need a smart speaker with a voice assistant (for example, Siri or Alexa). After setting up the speaker, download the speaker app on your phone and enable backup. All set!

Note: Be sure to test your setup before you leave for your next trip to ensure that you’re getting a backup of commands in real-time.


cheating partner

We strongly do not encourage you to spy on your partner or intrude on their personal space and privacy. While you may have legit reasons to believe that your significant other is cheating on you, you may run into substantial trust issues if you have spied on them and they aren’t. Keep in mind that your partner also would have the full legal right to take action against you if they find out that you have been using spyware, stealing their passwords, and recording them on audio or video without their permission.

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Can you catch a cheater without them knowing?

Yes, there are multiple ways you can collect evidence that your partner is unfaithful. Some methods include monitoring subtle changes in behavior, other methods are more evident (like actually catching them in the act).
This article focuses on collecting cold hard evidence that your partner is cheating, even if it means crossing the lines of privacy and personal space.

How to catch someone cheating

In the old days, you would have to hire a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse in the act. In 2022, it all comes down to getting access to your partner’s phone, messaging apps, and current whereabouts.
There are multiple ways how to catch someone cheating through text or cheating apps. As long as you have access to their phone and know where to look, you can find out if your partner is cheating on you in minutes. Some cheaters use secret or archived chats that may make the process a bit harder but we have provided some tips in this article on how to find conversations that your partner is trying to hide.
With the emerging technology of cloud storage, it is also now easier than ever to uncover hidden photos of your partner and the pictures that they take for somebody else.

Can I confront my cheating partner directly?

No matter what we say, you most likely will. Just don’t forget that you cannot mention where you have obtained your evidence if you have breached your partner’s privacy. Some methods that we have reviewed in this article could lead to criminal offenses and this can be used against you in court (if things come to a divorce).

I found out that my partner is cheating. What do I do now?

First of all, take a deep breath and try to calm down. You do not want to make any sudden choices or decisions. We know that you feel hurt, betrayed, angry and heartbroken. We’ve all been there. Just remember that you are not to blame.
There are a million reasons why people cheat - some people need a boost to their low self-esteem, some have the urge to splash out sexual energy and feel awkward approaching their partner with desires, and some just like “to spice things up”. Hell, some people just do it for fun.
Take some time to think over what your want to do next. It’s complicated, and it’s really up to you. There are numerous examples of relationships that were saved by a professional psychologist or counselor.