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Terms & Conditions of Use

In order to maintain your online activity at Names and Facts, it is mandatory to completely go through, comprehend and accept the points mentioned in these terms and conditions. By continuing to access Names and Facts, and all other software mobile applications made available by this service, you agree to stay within these rules and follow them.
By deciding to use our service, you are agreeing to stay within this agreement, which constitutes a legally binding agreement between Names and Facts and the way you use this service. You are recommended to get this documented printed and saved on your computer for future reference. In case you fail to understand any point in this agreement, or are not willing to be legally bound by it, or what is entailed in the Privacy Policy, then you may stop accessing the service immediately.

Privacy Policy

By maintaining your use of this service you warrant that you have understood and read all parts of the agreement and are willing to be bound by this agreement, along with the Privacy Policy by Names and Facts, which has been incorporated within this agreement for further reference. Names and Facts encourages and wishes for you to continuously keep checking the Policy for future updates over the whole period of time that you use the service.


By continuing to use this server after agreeing with the terms of this agreement you warrant that you are aged above 18 as of now, and are legally able and qualified to enter into formal qualifications governed by the law of the land. If you are willing to use this service on behalf of a contractual organization, you also agree that you have been given permission by that company to go into agreements with services like ours.

Prohibited Uses for the Services

Names and Facts is bound by law to get your consent on all of the following provisions in detail. This is required in order to provide the services in a legally accurate manner and to comply with the demands and requirements of all providers. In the event of a conflict between provisions in this section and those later down the agreement, the provisions in this section will govern and prevail.
  1. You do agree that the products and services offered by Names and Facts contain information is sensitive and is governed by numerous federal and state laws. You also understand that you are to act as responsible for the determination of the laws that apply upon your use of such content. You agree that you’re the sole entity responsible for adhering to all applicable laws in all scenarios.
  2. By submitting the request or signing this agreement with an electronic or digital signature, you agree to have; a) go through the complete agreement thoroughly; b) comprehended the details mentioned in this agreement to their entirety; c) fully and honestly answered all the questions asked of Names and Facts; and (d) agreed to be legally and fully bound by what is entailed in this agreement.
  3. Any possible unauthorized use of the Names and Facts app, website and the content on it are not acceptable and the company highly discourages such practices.
  4. Commercial misuse and exploitation of any content either generated from the company’s website or app is highly prohibited.
  5. You agree that Names and Facts is not by any definition a consumer reporting agency and that the products and services provided by Names and Facts cannot be recognized as a consumer report, as it is defined by the FRCA. The products and services by Names and Facts are not allowed to be used for determining or rejecting the eligibility of an individual for employment, insurance, credit or any other purpose that is currently governed by the FRCA, including but not limited to:
    • Credit cards and loans
    • For employment purposes
    • Education, fellowships, and scholarships
    • For housing accommodations, including tenants and rent purposes
    • Services, privileges, and benefits provided by a charity organization
    • To pursue and harass on random people across the Web
    • To perpetrate theft.
    • To perpetuate identity fraud.
    In addition to the above, you have to keep in mind that a background report is in no way a substitute for remaining diligent and following common sense, especially when it comes to having communication with or talking to third-party people in person.
    Furthermore, the services for Names and Facts services and products can in no case be used for the following objectives:
    • To mentally or physically attack or harass any person or entity. This emotional and physical harm can be done by perpetrators through stalking, defaming, harassment, labeling, providing obscene and inappropriate material, threatening, identity theft, fraud, criminal activity and a violation of all privacy rights.
    • To promote hate speech and provide information about illegal wrongdoing, harm or physical injury against a specific individual or group.
    • To utilize Names and Facts products and services or the information extracted from these products and services together with any personal info covered within federal statutes such as FCRA, Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and the Driver’s Protection Act.
    • To obsess over personal information about, or try to harm individuals aged less than 18 years.
    • To get precious personal information pertaining to government officials, election candidates, and famous people.
    • You cannot use the services in connection with credit counseling services or credit report services.
    • For commercial credit origination or for marketing purposes.
    • To use of re-exporting content that is in violation of the laws for export control and regulation within the user’s domestic country.
  6. This agreement and the license given to you cannot be transferred, assigned or sublicensed to someone else. Neither as a whole nor as a part
  7. Names and Facts services and products can only be accessed by people residing within the United States.
  8. Sharing your username and the selected password with anyone near you is discouraged. The products and services by Names and Facts are intended to be used only by you and you alone. Thus, they must not be delivered to or provided to other third parties near you.
  9. You agree and understand that you wouldn’t access, extract any data from or perform any activities on the mobile apps and websites provided by Names and Facts. All software or any other automated processes including robots, scrapers, scripts, spiders, and crawlers should best be refrained from.
  10. Names and Facts and the stakeholders that it is working with do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability, currency or fitness of the website and/or mobile app under Names and Facts for a specific purpose. Names and Facts and the third party stakeholders it is working with, would in no way be responsible for any claim related to Names and Facts compiling, interpreting, procuring, collecting, communicating, delivering or reporting of products and services related to Names and Facts.
  11. You hereby agree and accept that the information provided on Names and Facts website and/or mobile apps may be not free from general defects. Hence, you agree that the products and services by Names and Facts should not be relied upon as always complete and accurate.
  12. Names and Facts reserves the right to audit and look over the use of all products and services related to them at any given. You agree to provide all documentation to Names and Facts in such a case and agree to cooperate in whatever way is expected of you.
  13. If you have any liability Names and Facts and all third party stakeholders, then it is restricted to the direct damages caused. Names and Facts and the third party information providers will not be liable for any damages caused in the form of expenses or physical damage whatsoever.
  14. Third-party stakeholders associated with Names and Facts can enjoy the same right to indemnification as Names and Facts.
  15. The provisions within this agreement, related to the quality of content, indemnifications and the limitations on liability and all for the benefit of Names and Facts and the parties that are indemnified. Names and Facts and the indemnified party can enforce and assert those provisions against the user on their own respective behalf.
  16. The terms within this agreement, relating to access and use of services and products provided by Names and Facts, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, audit, user’s release of claims, payment for services and products offered by Names and Facts, and indemnification will survive after the termination of this agreement.
  17. You permit that any breach within the agreement, from your side, with Names and Facts, can cause all indemnified parties and Names and Facts irreparable damage. And, in addition to the monetary compensation to fulfill these damages, all indemnified parties and Names and Facts would be entitled to relief.
  18. You cannot, and should not use the products and services of Names and Facts for anything other than what is entailed in this agreement. Any misuse of the services will be basis enough for immediate suspension of your services and the termination of your account and membership, along with legal action if deemed necessary.
  19. You hereby acknowledge all the details in this agreement and take responsibility for the information supplied and are here to correct all personal information if it is incorrect.

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