How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

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  1. So What Exactly Are Marriage Records Anyway?
  2. How to Find out if Person is Married
  3. So What’s the Best Way to Find Marriage Records Online?
  4. What Information Do I Need to Search Marriage Records?
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There are many decent and legitimate reasons to seek marriage records on people. Whether an individual is a love interest, or you just want to know whether to address them as Ms. or Mrs., finding an individual’s marital status can be helpful.

So how can you quickly and easily find out if someone is married for free? Well, you could simply ask the person if they are married. However, this can be awkward and potentially impolite; moreover, many people are shy to disclose their marital status and sometimes even secretive about it. There are numerous potential reasons for this - they could be turmoil in their marriage, they might enjoy the attention they get when being perceived as single, they might be shy about being in a same-sex marriage, or in some cases, they might possibly want to scam people by accepting another marriage proposal while in wedlock.

Hence, there are many circumstances in which searching for marriage records becomes an important task.

So What Exactly Are Marriage Records Anyway?

A marriage record is usually a certificate proving that two people are officially, legally married. In most states, a marriage certificate is issued by a government official only, usually a city clerk, after the civil registration of the marriage, which usually occurs at a wedding.

In the vast majority of cases, marriage records are uploaded to a public database, hence, there is no longer any need to hire a public investigator or drive to the county clerk’s office and submit a written request for records.

How to Find out if Person is Married

You could simply ask around. If you are familiar with any friends, acquaintances or coworkers, almost certainly some of them will know the marital status of the person in question. This usually will work unless you see hesitant or contradictory responses - in which case, further investigation would be necessary. This method, however, is problematic because if you are asking numerous people the same personal question, they may talk to each other about it and also to the person in question, and it could be perceived negatively.

You can also try assuming that the person is married and mention their spouse in some circumstance and probe the reaction. For example, you could say, “I look forward to seeing you and your husband next week at the Halloween costume party.” Usually, the reaction will give you a good indication; however, a non-rebuttal does not necessarily imply an actual marriage.

Of course, you could also glance at their ring finger to see if they have a wedding band, but this too is unreliable.

Hence, since marriage records are usually kept on databases within the public domain, the internet is probably the easiest, fastest, and best way to find out if someone is married.

So What’s the Best Way to Find Marriage Records Online?

Well, all of these can potentially work:

  • Search Facebook
  • Search Instagram
  • Google them
  • Use people search sites

1. Search Facebook

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website and contains around 60% of the world’s social networking population. Roughly 71% of Americans use Facebook, so you have an excellent chance of finding people you know.

Log in to Facebook and search for a full name to get a list of people that match. You can scope your search by city to filter the results. Open the About section, and often, a person will show their marital status there. Depending on the user’s privacy settings, they may or may not disclose their “About” section and marital status to non-friends. If you are friends with that person on Facebook, this dramatically increases your chances of viewing their marital status.

2. Search Instagram

Many people will explicitly display their marital status on Instagram to the general public. Moreover, it is often, if not usually obvious from the pictures and videos. Depending on the user’s privacy settings, you may need to follow them first to see their photos, tags, and stories.

3. Google Them

Most likely, you have already tried this. Google is the world’s largest search engine and contains millions of people records, alongside billions of other pages that may not be relevant to what you are looking for. Google is continually working to optimize its search algorithms to provide better results, but you can try some simple tricks that can help you get the desired results faster.

Be sure to include the person’s name in quote marks - this will provide only the exact word matches in the results. If you know the city or state this person may be living in, also include that in the search request, for example: “John Doe Cleveland, OH.” If that doesn’t work, try using alternative names or nicknames - Jonathan, Johnny, Jon. If you know the person’s occupation or a hobby that may also help - “John Doe Dentist” or “John Doe Drummer.”

You can also use Google’s reverse picture search if you have a photo of the person you are looking for to find websites with the image or similar images. Just go to Google Images, click on “upload photo” and view the results.

4. Use People Search Sites

This is probably the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to find out online if someone is married. You can find many options if you search around, but most of them either are not free, or they are cumbersome and time-consuming. Usually, you will need to buy a subscription for their service for around $30 per month or more. Other sites advertise free results but then require you to create an account, while still others require detailed information for a search.

Names and Facts is a people search site that allows you to quickly and efficiently find out if someone is legally married - within seconds, in fact, hassle-free.

What Information Do I Need to Search Marriage Records?

Usually, you need the person’s first and last name, their city of birth, and year of birth. However, with Names and Facts, you can just enter a name, and unless it’s a very common name like John Smith, you will usually be able to find who you are looking for via the details displayed for each person found for that name. If not, you can filter your search by age and/or location.

So, with Names and Facts, in most cases, all you need is a full name, knowing their age and general location will only help.

The people search sites search public marriage records for you. However, again, they often require name and location and creating a subscription, and/or paying a fee for one-time use. So probably the best way for most people to search for marriage records online is by using Names and Facts.

This solution for the purpose of a free marriage records search could not be easier. Simply enter a name in the search field, for example, John Doe, identify the particular John Doe of interest from the list via the details from the matching records and then click the corresponding “View Profile” button. Scroll down to the bottom, and the marital status is displayed under the “Is John Doe Married” heading. You can try this right now for free, and within seconds you will know whether a person has a spouse or is single. It works for virtually any adult living in the United States or Canada.

If you need detailed information about a marriage, for example, a wedding date, or if you want to find a marriage license, and marriage and divorce records, or if you want to know if a person has ever been married, you can then simply click on the “Get Full Report” button and for a price much lower than any known competitor, Names and Facts shall provide any and all marriage and divorce records that exist in the public domain pertaining to a given person along with a litany of other helpful information.

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In summary, there are many valid reasons for seeking a person’s marital status. Since it’s a personal matter, it’s not always practical to obtain this information directly through social interaction. The internet provides an impersonal, potentially anonymous way to find a person’s marital status. Instagram, Facebook, and Google are all potentially effective ways to find a person’s marital status.

However, the fastest and most reliable method of using the internet to find out whether a person is married is to use people finder services. There are a plethora of good options within this space, and almost all of them work well and have their own advantages. However, most of them require creating an account and usually require a payment before you can use them.

Names and Facts provides a fast, easy and free way to find out if someone is married with only a name. All the people search sites, for the most part, draw from the same public databases, so they will only display what exists on those databases. Therefore, accuracy is dependent on the accuracy of the public records being correct and current. This is rarely a problem, and in most cases, the data found by these services is probably more reliable than social media, google searches, and hearsay.

In conclusion, people search services are the best way to find out if someone is married. Names and Facts offers a fast way to do that with only a name, for free.


1. What is the best way to find out if a person is married?

There are many ways to find out if a person is married, but the fastest and best way is by using a people finder service. There are many such services and each one has its own advantages. Names and Facts allows you to quickly find if someone is married, at no cost.

2. Can I check if a person is married only knowing his name?

Yes, by using a people finder service. However, some require location and age. Names and Facts is one service that allows you to search simply by providing a name. However, if the person has a common name, you may need to scroll down through many results, usually, you will quickly find whom you are looking for from the details displayed adjacent to each record.

3. Is there a way to see if a person ever has been married or is in a divorce?

Usually, yes. Most states record both marriage and divorce records on public databases. If the records exist on a public database, people finder services will find and display them. If not, then searching social media or googling can often reveal relationship status. Other means, i.e., driving to the county clerk where the marriage or divorce took place, are typically impractical.

4. Can I find marriage information using Names and Facts?

Yes. It’s easy. Just search by name.

5. Does Names and Facts provide information for free?

Yes. However, some information costs money to retrieve, so to create a full report, containing essentially every record that exists on an individual in the public domain, payment is needed.