Konstantin Dolgushin

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Occupation: CEO at Names and Facts
Experience: 10 years of experience in software development & project management
Education: Diploma in Business Management, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE
Certificates: Operations Management - University of Pennsylvania, Organizational Analysis - Stanford University

For as long as I can remember myself I was always passionate about writing. It all started when I was at primary school in Sydney, NSW - I used to read books next to a small table lamp at night and then write my own stories during day time. I imagined myself becoming a writer someday, and there really was nothing impossible in my stories - my imagination only limited the plot. My passion for sci-fi and horror movies greatly affected the storylines as the more unexpected twists and turns in the story would occur, the better job I thought I did. I really wish I could read some of those stories now.

As I grew older, another passion would develop - a passion for producing digital software products. I started studying programming when I was 16 but quickly realized that I preferred other aspects of software development - I found it fascinating to build customer journeys, plan user interaction, create roadmaps, count KPIs, monitor markets, define product vision, generate new ideas, and verify product hypotheses. In short - I started to love seeing the impact that could be made with my products.

When I turned 26, I started working as a Product Manager at a large software company that genuinely kickstarted my career. For the next three years, I would get invaluable experience building software for e-commerce. I specialized in online payments and driven top company products - ruthlessly intaking every bit of information that I possibly could to make myself better at what I was doing. I continued my career in payments & e-commerce with the next company I worked for, getting a broader experience in digital marketplaces and cloud-based services.

At the age of 31, I opened for myself the world of big data - working as a Product Manager for a public record aggregator and data broker, I fell in love with the fantastic world of numbers, names and facts. This is when the idea of creating a transparent data service that leverages the most modern technologies to benefit users was born. For the next few years, I would work my day job during the day and spend the nights on the drawing board, finding the perfect recipe for what would later become Names and Facts.

I love sharing knowledge with others, and now I have the perfect opportunity to do this. This blog was explicitly designed to exchange knowledge, tips, and tricks with everyone passionate about people, data, and technology.