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Privacy Policy

The privacy of all users visiting the Names and Facts website, using Names and Facts services and/or going through any other software application provided by Names and Facts, will be ensured at all costs. This privacy policy has been published as a means of awareness for all potential users, as an underlying commitment by Names and Facts to follow fair practices and give customers their rightful protection to privacy.
The following Privacy Policy only relates to the services provided by Names and Facts and has nothing to do with any services or websites offered by a third party website. The policy for other websites may have storage, use practices and data collection policies that are different from this one.
The Privacy Policy will only be applied to the personal information given by you or revealed by you to Names and Facts. Additionally, the policy will also be applied to whatever information that Names and Facts collects from you as part of their services and delivery processes. The policy does not in any way relate to the information available on the public record and accessible by any other individual through this Service.
By agreeing to use the service, you agree and understand that you have gone through the words in this document and are bound to, both this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions published by Names and Facts. If you do not agree with or do not understand any of the terms or policies in this document, then you should immediately stop accessing or using this service further.

Alterations and Updates to Privacy Policy

Every time you access or use the Service, the updated and current version of the Privacy Policy will be applicable. We recommend and suggest that you keep looking out for changes in this Privacy Policy and see if there is anything new that might relate to you in any way. You can check the date of the Policy to see if there have been any changes or updates since you last used the service or saw the policy.
While most of the alterations and changes are minor, Names and Facts reserves its right to add, update, change or modify content on this Privacy Policy, at any given time, without the provision of prior notice - a new version can be posted on the page for you and other users to access. All such updates, changes, and additions will be effectively applied after the due posting process. Names and Facts, however, ensures that all revised Privacy Policies would only apply to data collected after the mentioned changes, and not on the data collected before it.

Children’s Privacy

For children under the age of 13, Names and Facts does not plan to gather data. In the case that we do find out that our database contains information pertaining to minors aged below 13, Names and Facts will immediately delete the existence of all such data. Since Names and Facts has a clear policy in regards to gathering data from children below 13, it cannot in any way use or disclose this data to third parties. The Privacy Policy for Names and Facts has been designed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA, which is a standard for defining the behavior of minors on the internet.

Methodology for Gathering Information

Names and Facts will follow the data collection methods mentioned below;
Traffic Data Collection
As many application handlers and websites do, Names and Facts captures the following data automatically from web browsers that the users are using:
  1. IP addresses of all users
  2. Domain names
  3. Types of devices and device brands that mostly access the service
  4. Types of web browsers that are being used to access the data
Traffic data is usually anonymous and is not collected as a means to identify you or your browsing pattern.

Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are files placed on your system by websites to monitor certain emails that you are opening. Cookies are able to store a large amount of information on the user’s system, which is then sent back to the service automatically when the customer interacts with the service. Cookies basically fill the purpose of identifying users and how they behave on the internet as a unique user. We at Names and Facts use two types of cookies, known as third-party cookies and first-party cookies.
First-Party Cookies
Names and Facts uses first-party cookies like the Google Analytics Cookie, for the general purposes mentioned below:
  1. To gather information pertaining to the visitors, so that they can alter services based on their perception.
  2. For storing the user’s password safely, so that he is not required to re-enter it again and again on each and every visit to the site.
Third-Party Cookies
Names and Facts may advertise its offerings on other third-party websites after you have visited the service. We, along with our third-party marketing partners, including Google, can use first-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, third-party cookies, and other beacons across multiple platforms to inform, serve and optimize our advertisements to you on the basis of how you use our service.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the premier analytical tool by Google, made to help app and website owners engage with their visitors and know more about them. The tool may use cookies for collecting information and then recording the statistics of the visitors to form data on the frequency of visits made to the website by different demographics. Names and Facts actively uses Google Analytics on its website to generate analytics data.
Choosing Against Third Party Cookies
You can opt-out from using Google Cookies on the settings page for Google Ads. You can also customize your preferences on the settings page or turn off Facebook cookies by choosing to do so. Visit this page to find out more about controlling or deleting cookies.

Personally Identifiable Information

Names and Facts will require some of your personal identification information to allow you to use their services. The personal information asked by Names and Facts may contain the following information:
  • Contact data, such as your phone number, name, and email address.
  • Financial Data, such as the number of your credit or debit card and the expiry date for the card for payment purposes.
  • Account data from third party social media accounts, such as the ability to connect to our service through your third party accounts.
In all of these cases, the service will ask you to give them this information at your will, without putting you under any pressure whatsoever. You don’t come under any personal or legal obligation to provide us your personal details; however, refusal to give us this information can hinder you from enjoying some features of our service.
Names and Facts will collect the following specific information for your identification on the service:
  • Contact data, such as your phone number, name, and email address.
  • Financial Data, such as the number of your credit or debit card and the expiry date for the card for payment purposes.
All of the above is at no point available to other users of the service. Your usage of Names and Facts services is completely anonymous.

Practices for Using and Unveiling Information

Names and Facts processes all the incoming data from cookies and traffic to deliver a better user experience for customers. Names and Facts also tries to make sense out of consumer habits and trends to see if there is an underlying way that people follow to visit and use the service. With the information gathered through these analyses, Names and Facts is better able to service you and cater to their offerings the way you would like best. They can also generate content more relevant for you, from the analysis of these patterns.
Names and Facts might also reveal the trends generated from these cookies and traffic data from time to time. The information will be released in the form of a published report, identifying the usage pattern of users and how they are working to increase offerings based on that. Names and Facts, however, does not intend to link this published data from Cookies with your personal information.
Disclosure for Services
Names and Facts discloses personal information for all vendors helping in the provision of services. These vendors include stakeholders helping in administrative, data processing and technical tasks such as billing, hosting, security, data storage, and fulfillment.
Personal Information
Names and Facts can use the contact data from your cookies to transfer information pertaining to their service offerings and to initiate contact related to the service offerings. Names and Facts also uses the financial data that you give to them for verifying your qualifications for some of the features and to see when they can bill you.
Names and Facts reserves the right to use all demographic data pertaining to you for customizing and tailoring your experience of the service. Names and Facts can use your third party social media data in line with their privacy policy for any of the reasons mentioned above.
Business Transfers; Bankruptcy
Names and Facts holds the right to send all your personal information that it possesses to another organization, in the case of an acquisition, a merger of the sale of all Names and Facts’ assets, after bankruptcy. The disclosure and use of all the information transferred to the successor organization will be subject to the points of this Privacy Policy, or another draft policy.
The personal information collected after a transfer, acquisition or merger would be subject to the updated policy implemented by the organization succeeding Names and Facts.
Consent for Receiving Electronic Communication from the Company
By registering for the service and by providing all your contact details, including your email, name, and phone number to the service at the time of registration, you express your consent to be receptive to all other electronic and postal communication initiated from Names and Facts. The communication could be for the short term or the long term and may include topics such as new product offers, recently discounted promotions and other important matters.
You can easily unsubscribe from the communication list at any given time by providing your written request to us through the contact us form, or by following the simple unsubscribe information offered to you in each and every communication with you.
To Protect Rights
Names and Facts reveal your personal information when it is under pressure to do the given by law or legal notice. This disclosure can be made in response to a court order or a subpoena. Names and Facts can also reveal this information if it believes that the disclosure is necessary for the protection of the rights for Names and Facts and the general public.
Third-Party Websites
Names and Facts has no control or ownership over any third party website. Similarly, all third party websites or under no obligation to follow or comply with the terms in this Privacy Policy, except in regards to the information given to them from Names and Facts. Before you provide your privacy policy to third party websites, you should always consider your privacy, and take the necessary steps to protect it.
Security of Personal Information
We at Names and Facts take your security very seriously. We have commercially updated controls and reasonable security measures in place for protecting the unauthorized use, access, destruction, disclosure or modification of your protected personal information.
However, due to the data sphere of today and the realities of data security, Names and Facts cannot guarantee or promise that your provided information will not be hacked, altered, accessed, destroyed, or disclosed by unauthorized and unknown parties.
Lost or Stolen Information
You are promptly required to update and notify us, if your credit information with us, including your username and password, is stolen or used without your prior permission. In any such case, we will make sure to remove the card, account information and all other institution information, including username and passwords, from our database.
Ability to Correct or Update Personal Information
Names and Facts will prefer to have completed and accurate information pertaining to you at all times. As it is stated in the separate document for Terms and Conditions, you warrant that all the information you give to us in connection to your use of service is complete, accurate, current and will duly be updated if the need be. To access your information, or to make changes in it, you can visit your personal data through your personal profile on the service. You can review the data we have collected and make all necessary alterations.
Promotional Activities
Names and Facts may run contests and giveaways from time to time. Any and all information that you give to us in line with such promotions will be treated the same way as any other information in this Privacy Policy. Names and Facts will also ask for you to fill out surveys from time to time, to improve the services offerings of Names and Facts, and to help us improve the site. The personal information given to Names and Facts while filling with that survey will only be used in compliance with the needs of that survey, and for nothing other than that.
Business Transitions
If Names and Facts goes through a change of ownership, including a merger, partnership, debt finance, business reorganization, acquisition, insolvency, bankruptcy or sale of all company assets, Names and Facts will use all of the personal information collected, in due recognition of this Privacy Policy.
Your personal information will be part of any and all assets transferred during such instances.
If you have questions about this Policy or want to contact us, please use our customer support page

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