How to Look up Someone's Age Without Asking

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  1. How to Find Someone's Age
    1. Ask Questions
    2. Social Media
    3. Common Friends
    4. Popular Names
    5. Names and Facts
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Age is just a number, right? Wrong. While it may be true that a person is just as old as he perceives himself to be, there are circumstances when you need to determine someone's age. Let’s say you’ve met someone and are considering this person for a long-term romantic relationship. Wouldn’t you want to know their maturity level, nearest goals, stance in life, and plans for the future?

Of course, knowing someone’s age wouldn’t necessarily mean that if they are in their 40s, they are ready to settle down and start a family. Still, it would give a good indication of whether they are statistically more likely to be considering this in the near future.

Below is the median first marriage age in the US from 1950 to 2022

How to Find Someone's Age

1. Ask Questions

While it’s relatively easy to just come up to a person and ask directly - let’s face it, if this was an acceptable option for you, then you could have already done this without having to search for other methods. Asking direct questions about someone’s age could cause social awkwardness and even be perceived as rude (especially if you ask a woman's age).

Below are some tricks that can hint at a person’s age or even make them spill the beans without asking directly.

1.1. Complain about your own age

One of the best ways to find out how old someone is is to complain about how old you feel and that things used to be easier when you were younger.

For example, things like “it’s getting hard getting up the stairs at 45, used to be much easier 10 years ago” or “getting a hangover at 35 is like being run over by a train, when I was 20, it would only last for a few hours”. In response, you would usually get a reply with something like “yeah, I feel the same at 35” or “wait until you turn 40”.

Of course, you will be revealing your own age with this method, but hey, you’ve got nothing to hide, right?

1.2. Discuss school memories

Another way to know someone's age without asking is to share your high school or college memories. Discussing events that could be tied to a timeframe works best. For example, bring up some major event that happened during your freshman year and ask if they had a similar experience.

Some examples could be:

  1. You had computers brought into your school
  2. The college football team became national champions
  3. The iPhone came out
  4. George Bush became president

If your companion shares similar experiences, this will give you an approximate age (give or take a few years).

1.3. Ask about parents

You could ask about the age of the person’s parents to get a better understanding of how old they might be. The average age for childbirth is 26 years in the US, so if your companion’s parents are 65, then most likely, they are somewhere around 37-42 years old.

This is not the most precise method to identify age of a person, but bringing up the age discussion could lead up to a more in-depth conversation about how old you both are.

1.4. Discuss technology

This one is pretty straightforward. Discussing the types of technology you owned at different ages could point you in the right direction about a person’s age.

For example:

  1. My first phone was a Nokia 5110 - came out in 1998, discontinued in 2000
  2. My first laptop was a Pentium III - came out in 1999
  3. My car was the first to have Bluetooth audio (2000) or LED headlights (2007)

You would need to do some research prior to initiating this discussion or simply remember the answers and do a Google search after. Just remember to add the approximate age of ownership of the technology. First phones and first cars are usually obtained between 16-18 (but of course, there are deviations).

2. Social Media

Ah, yes. How nice it is to live in the digital age when literally everyone has a social media profile. Searching social media is by far the easiest way to find someone’s age if they voluntarily reveal it.

2.1. Facebook

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website and contains around 60% of the world’s social networking population. Roughly 71% of Americans use Facebook, so you have an excellent chance of finding the person you need.

Log in to Facebook and search for the person's name to get a list of people that match. Open the About section to see the person’s details. Depending on the particular user’s privacy settings, they may or may not disclose their age. If you are friends with that person on Facebook, this greatly increases your chances of viewing this information.

Of course, don’t limit yourself just to viewing the about section (especially if age is not specified). There are secondary hints to a person’s age on their page like:

  1. Year they graduated
  2. The year they got their first job
  3. High school & college friends
  4. Age of their classmates and relatives

You may also stumble upon photos or stories of their birthday party, which is also super convenient.

2.2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is virtually the most reputable online platform that connects professionals across the globe. This would be the number one social media site to go to if you want to track down where someone works (or to be sneaky and find out a person's age).

Make sure that you turn on private viewing mode if you want to browse discreetly as LinkedIn logs and notifies users who viewed their profile. You may also have to send a connection request to the person first, as many users adjust their privacy settings to display their personal information only to their connections.

Once you access the profile, search for the education section to see the year the person graduated. Furthermore, you could get an indication of when the person started working and how many years he has been in the workforce in total by looking at their job history.

2.3. Instagram

It is very rare for people to put their age in the Instagram bio (especially for anyone over 20), but this social network is nevertheless an invaluable source of information to find people’s age.

Basically, it all comes down to viewing each picture of that person and reading the description below. People post their thoughts, feelings, and... sometimes age (directly or indirectly). You can stumble upon birthday photos, school pictures, and memorable dates that can trace to a person’s age.

Be sure to check tagged photos of the person - this is where most group photos are taken at various events.

3. Common Friends

Look around - most likely, all of your friends are approximately the same age as you are. People tend to communicate more with individuals of the same age because it’s easier to relate. Similarly aged people share more interests, thoughts, feelings, and common problems that they experience at same stages of their lives. So if you want to find out the age of a person of interest - have a look at how old their friends are.

Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres - Tell me who your friends are and I tell who you are

Research the person’s social media profiles to find out who their closest friends are and try to find their age. You may stumble upon common photos of their graduation (if they studied together), anniversaries, and birthday parties that will give you the person’s exact age.

4. Popular Names

People’s names can reveal a lot about them, even their age. This applies mainly to rare and unique names, but you could try this method if you are ok with a ~10-year error margin.

Name age calculator

5. Names and Facts

You can instantly find a person’s age online simply by doing a search on Names and Facts. You can check a person’s age absolutely free and even get the complete list of relatives, friends, and their ages. Needless to say, this is completely anonymous and can be done on anyone you know.

If you feel you need more information on a specific search subject you can run a full background report which is compiled instantly. Background check reports consist of phone numbers, addresses, emails, criminal records, residence history, financial data, salaries, assets, bankruptcies, marriage & divorce records, judgments, DUIs, sex offenses, social networks, dating profiles, photos, and much more.


someone's age

It is really easy to find out someone’s age in 2022 using social media and public records if you know where to look. You can ask a series of questions, browse Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find the person’s age. You can also instantly look up anyone’s age online using people search engines like Names and Facts whenever asking directly isn’t the best option.


Can I find out someone’s age without them knowing?

Yes, you can use our tips on where to look in social media profiles to find out how old someone is. You could also ask indirect questions that will hint at a person’s approximate age. Or you could simply do a search on Names and Facts.

How can I find out someone’s age if this person does not share it on social media?

Some people can be secretive about their age, we get it. If the person you are interested in doesn’t explicitly disclose their age on social media profiles or other websites then your best bet would be to check public records of that person that contain their age. Luckily, Names and Facts has access to government archives, databases, and other online record services so you won’t have to search each one individually.

Is my search anonymous?

Your search stays anonymous as long as you don’t view Instagram stories of the person you are looking for, don’t follow or friend them on Facebook, don’t view their profile on LinkedIn using your personal account or accidentally hit like on any of their photos. Yes, that could all be tricky.
Your search, however, is completely anonymous when you use Names and Facts. We do not store or share any personal information and you don’t even need to provide us an email address or register to view information on people’s age.

Do I have to pay to find out someone’s age?

Nope. 100% free.