Best Online Dating Advice 2022

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Table of Contents
  1. Check Your Online Date
  2. Suspicious Profile Checklist
  3. Pros and Cons of Online Dating
  4. 10 Tips For First Dates

Although it may sound like something to be ashamed of - more than 40% of all Americans have tried online dating services at least once during their lifetime. There are over 100,000,000 combined active users on sites like eHarmony,, Lumen, Zoosk, Elite Singles, AdultFriendFinder, Lovestruck, ItsJustLunch, Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder.

With so much time that we spend interacting with people daily using our computers or phones to connect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat, we may just as well use online services to find a relationship, right? We have compiled a list of tips that we want to share with you so that your next online dating experience is a pleasant one.

Check Your Online Date

Below is a list of general things to keep in mind to avoid scams and potential risks while chatting on social media with unknown people or browsing online dating sites. If the person you are texting with has five or more ticks in this checklist, you may want to consider stopping all communication as most likely they are not who they say they are.

Suspicious Profile Checklist

  • Barely filled out profile
  • Recent date of registration
  • Closed or restricted profile
  • Few photos and all look professional
  • Profile pictures look like a supermodel
  • They don’t pass the reverse image lookup test
  • Not many friends or subscribers
  • All their interests and hobbies exactly match yours
  • Asks for info that is already on your profile
  • Consistently messages you even if you don’t reply
  • Does not have other social media accounts
  • Strange sounding name (i.e., Miss Honey Blessing)
  • Nationality does not match level of grammar
  • Raunchy and flirty pick-up lines
  • Express their strong feelings after a few messages
  • Messages may be meant for anyone (too general)
  • Their story is inconsistent
  • Show controlling behavior
  • Ask for money or help
  • Lives somewhere far far away
  • Sends random links
  • Requests personal information
  • Sends nude pictures straight away
  • Asks for your nude pictures
  • Wants to meet right away
  • Are afraid to Skype or FaceTime

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Ok, after reading the checklist above, you may want to ask yourself if there is even a point to go online for the search of a partner with so much scamming and “catfishing” around. In short - yes. What if all the thorns were removed from the garden - there are millions of eligible singles sincerely looking for something real - what if you could choose without risk? You just need to know what to look out for, and hopefully, our tips will help you. Below are some pros and cons of online dating.


  1. Convenience - It’s hard to overstate how convenient it is to view potential partner profiles in the palm of your hand without having to physically go somewhere. You can browse online from almost anywhere and any time of the day too.
  2. Huge choice - There are thousands of new profiles created daily, and the number of users is only going to increase as the world population grows.
  3. Refined results - With most online services allowing you to choose characteristics you want in a potential partner, you can filter results to see the best match for your needs.
  4. Compatibility - A lot of services use profile questionnaires to ensure that you and your potential partners are matched based on compatibility, personality, and even zodiac signs.
  5. Global outreach - You are no longer limited to your workplace, neighborhood, or the local coffee shop. You can find your perfect partner in any corner of the world.
  6. Easy communication - We all know that starting a conversation may be hard in person, especially with someone we don’t know. It is much easier to make the first move online.


  1. Fake information - We all know this one. Many users lie on their profiles or try to make a better impression of themselves. Male users most commonly lie about age and income, while female users lie about weight and physical appearance.
  2. Overwhelming choice - There are so many good profiles out there that you may just get stuck endlessly shopping for the perfect partner instead of focusing on the human aspect of the relationship.
  3. Good match on paper - Ok, so even though you have excellent astrological compatibility, there is always biological. There is no way to test if you will have that chemistry on your first date unless... well, unless you actually have that first date.
  4. The fine details - We’ve all heard that the devil is in the details, and when it comes to choosing a partner, that is absolutely true. The small things like her picking her nose or the smell of his shoes really can put a month-long online relationship to an end.
  5. Unclear intent - While this con is not necessarily applicable only to online dating, it most certainly is most commonly found online. Your intents of finding the love of your life may be crystal clear, but you never know who is on the other end of the profile and what exactly they want to achieve from your acquaintance.
  6. Sex offenders - In the worst-case scenario of all of the cases that we have covered above, you may expect lost time, money, or a broken heart. That is nothing compared to what could be the result of an encounter with a sex offender using an online dating site to find his next victim.

10 Tips For First Dates

Great! So you’ve spent countless hours finding your perfect match online and narrowed down your search to someone whom you want to meet in person. Arm yourself with these ten tips for first dates to ensure your date is pleasant and safe.

  1. Do your research - Get as much information about the potential date as possible. With enough data, you will be able to run a check on this person to get a report on their actual age, marital status, criminal history, sex offenses, financial data, workplace, salary, debt, and much more. This should be your dating 101 for avoiding unwanted, awkward, or downright dangerous encounters.
  2. Video chat - Before you go out and meet someone in person, you can significantly reduce risk and filter out unsuitable options by simply having a brief conversation with video. A surprise video call right before the meeting takes place is usually a great way to go (for example, to confirm the address, place, or that the clothes you are wearing are suitable).
  3. Meet in a public place - Arrange a meeting in a public place with a lot of people surrounding you where you feel comfortable. Preferably choose a location close to your friends or family in case you sense danger or simply will need to “unexpectedly receive a phone call and urgently have to leave”.
  4. Tell someone where you are - Before you go ahead and meet with someone for the first time, make sure you tell a friend the time and place of where you will be meeting the potential significant other and the approximate time when you plan to contact your friend back. If something goes wrong, it will be much easier to locate your whereabouts based on the place and time you were last seen.
  5. Script your conversation - This is a great way to prepare for the upcoming date. Write down a list of questions or topics that you want to discuss during your first date to find out better what type of person your companion is. This will help you overcome social anxiety, fill in awkward silences and keep you on the right track of the conversation. Just remember that this is not an interview and a slight deviation from the initial script is perfectly fine.
  6. Keep your info private - Ok, so you’ve done all of the above and have arrived at the meeting wearing your best shoes and perfume. As tempting as it may be to share information about yourself, make sure that you do not disclose too much personal data that may be used to stalk you. Things like workplace, home address, places you go to, information about your family should all be kept confidential until you get to know each other better.
  7. Do not get drunk - This is an easy one. Alcohol influences your ability to make weighed decisions and puts you in danger of being taken advantage of. The general rule of thumb is to stick to 1-2 drinks during your date. A big flag should be raised if your new acquaintance urges you to drink more and fast.
  8. Go home alone - No matter how good you think your first date was and how much you want that first kiss on the doorstep, try to hold off until you get to know each other better. This generally would not impact your chances of getting a second date and will even play out in your favor as being seen as a person who makes weighed decisions and is looking for a serious relationship. If you don’t get the second date because your partner didn’t score on the first day and doesn’t want to waste his time getting to know you, do you even need a relationship like this?
  9. Get a taxi - Refuse politely if someone offers you to get into their car to give you a lift after your first date. In 2021 we have so many drivers nearby working for services like Uber and Lyft that it no longer makes sense to share rides home with other people. Just make sure that they don’t see that address that you are entering.
  10. Analyze the date - Ok, so you have arrived safely home from your first date. How did it go? Did the partner meet your expectations? How was your experience? How likely are you to meet again? Each date is a unique experience that allows you to learn from mistakes and improve your next meeting with a potential partner. Even if this was not the perfect date that you have imagined in your head, now is the best time to assess what could have been better or what type of person suits you best based on what you have experienced today. Just don’t forget to call your friend back and tell them that you are ok!

Well, we hope that you have found something useful for yourself and will be better prepared for the growing trend of online dating. We wish you to find your perfect partner soon and safe dating!

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