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Top 100 Weirdest Names in History

Complaining about being named Jeremy? There are some names in history which can easily top that…

Complaining about being named Jeremy? There are some names in history which can easily top that in quirkiness, weirdness, or downright inappropriate-ness (is that even a word?). Anyway, we’ve compiled this list of historical names, celebrities, people-turn-internet-memes, and just silly sounding names from public records.

Before we start, a small disclaimer – we strongly believe that all names are created equal and in no way do we intend to mock or make fun of any real person in this list. However, we do feel thoroughly entertained after putting together this list and want to share this feeling with our readers.

Looking for a name for your newborn baby? You may want to pass on this list.

Funny Names in History

Names aren’t all created equal. Some are common and are seen daily, while some stand out in a good (or not so good) way. Below is a list of all names that we find unique, amusing, and at times hilarious.

1. Batman bin Suparman

Opening up our list of weird names is a Singaporean man whose name became an internet sensation after his ID card went viral. Talk about love for DC comics…

2. Bud Light

An actual name, often seen in legal documents, making it a comic coincidence with the beer brand. Guess he gets a lot of invites to parties!

3. Crystal Metheny

A name from a Florida woman whose arrest records went viral due to the drug-related connotation of her name. It kind of has this fairytale vibe to it, I can see a Disney movie being filmed. Or probably not.

4. Max Power

A name made famous by an episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer changes his name. It has become relatively common in recent years to name children after literature, movies, and TV show characters.

5. Yolanda Squatpump

An unusual name that has appeared in various online humorous name lists. One of the more interesting weird names that also sounds pretty cool.

6. Filet Minyon

A name sometimes found in entertaining contexts, playing on the French dish “Filet Mignon”.

7. Dick Swett

A former U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire. No other comments from us on this one.

8. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

A man from Wisconsin who legally changed his name to this bizarre combination. Dobee-Doo-Bop-Bop.

9. Dr. Anal

An unfortunate name that has appeared in medical professional directories. Some appointments are better left off your calendar schedule.

10. Dick Trickle

A famous NASCAR driver known for his unusual name. Making your racing experience just that tiny bit better.

11. Anita Dick

A name that sounds suggestive.

12. Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette

Daughter of magician Penn Jillette, given an unusual middle name.

13. Ima Hogg

Daughter of Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg, often cited for her unusual name.

14. Ura Hogg

Often rumored to be Ima Hogg’s sister, though there is no factual basis for this weird name.

15. Dick Assman

A Canadian gas station owner who gained fame after appearing on David Letterman’s show.

16. Crystal Chanda Lear

Allegedly the daughter of Chanda Lear and one of the Lear jet family members, though this is likely doubtful.

17. Christian Guy

Your average christian guy.

18. Julius Seizure

If the Roman empire was a small country town.

19. Mary Christmas

An actual name that has appeared in various public records. Ho ho ho!

20. Paige Turner

A chucklesome name often found in fictional contexts, playing on the term “page-turner”.

21. Bill Board

A pretty common name that strongly resembles “billboard”.

22. Harry Pitts

A name found in various public records and known for its funny connotation.

23. Rusty Kuntz

A former Major League Baseball player known for his unique name.

24. April May June

An interesting combination of month names often found in name lists.

25. North West

Daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, known for her very directional name.

26. Audio Science

Son of actress Shannyn Sossamon, known for his unique name.

27. Pilot Inspektor

Son of actor Jason Lee, named after a song by the band Grandaddy.

28. Jermajesty Jackson

Son of Jermaine Jackson, known for his royal-sounding name.

29. Gaye Barr

A name that sounds a bit like “gay bar”.

30. Apple Martin

Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, known for her fruit-inspired name.

31. Dick Handler

A name that sounds like someone who handles penises on a frequent basis.

32. Wayne Kerr

A name that sounds like a phrase with a different spelling.

33. Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa

Daughter of Frank Zappa, known for her eccentric name.

34. Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver

Son of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, known for his animal-themed name.

35. Tu Morrow

Daughter of actor Rob Morrow, named with a play on the word “tomorrow.”

36. Maya Buttreeks

A name that can sound silly when said aloud.

37. Misty Hyman

An Olympic swimmer whose name has been the subject of jokes.

38. Kal-El Cage

Son of actor Nicolas Cage, named after Superman’s birth name.

39. Don Keedik

Donkey what, sorry?

40. Dusty Kuntz

Another variation of the suggestive name Kuntz.

41. Mike Hunt

A name that sounds like a euphemism.

42. Hugh Janus

Ah.. the butt jokes. Classic.

43. Harry Azcrac

A name that sounds like “hairy ass crack”. Introducing yourself by the full name “Harold” has never been more important.

44. Moe Lester

Something you won’t want to put on your resume.

45. Barry McCockiner

A name that sounds like a playful euphemism.

46. Fonda Cox

Well, that’s nice to know.

47. Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

Daughter of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, known for her nature-themed name.

48. Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver

Another daughter of Jamie Oliver, continuing the nature theme.

49. Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver

Yet another daughter of Jamie Oliver, with an even more floral name.

50. Rich White

A very stereotypical name combination.

51. Penny Tration

I can hear the giggling already from this side of the screen.

52. Al Caholic

Can lead to quite some confusion during introductions at AA meetings.

53. Justin Herass

Just in where? Isn’t that a bit intrusive?

54. Reignbeau

Child of actor Ving Rhames, with a unique play on the word “rainbow”. Weird, but in a very cute way.

55. Ocean King

Son of actor Carlos PenaVega and actress Alexa PenaVega, reflecting a maritime theme.

56. Al Beback

Arnold would love this one.

57. Dick Pound

A former Canadian swimmer and IOC member.

58. Sirius Bonner

Yes, this sounds pretty serious.

59. Major Dickie Head

Military officer from the United Kingdom. He served as the commanding officer of B Company, 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry, during his deployment in Basra, Iraq.

60. Chew Kok Long

Another interesting Asian name combination.

61. Moroccan Scott

Son of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, named after the Moroccan-themed room where Cannon proposed to Carey.

62. Zowie Bowie

Son of musician David Bowie, now known as Duncan Jones, named uniquely but changed for professional reasons.

63. True

Daughter of Khloe Kardashian, known for her virtue-based name.

64. Hugh G. Rection

You may want to put that away until someone gets hurt.

65. Mike Rotch

Nice to meet you, Michael.

66. Lou Sass

Happens to the best of us after a couple of burritos.

67. Hitler Mussolini

Can’t decide what’s actually worse. Definitely, sounds even more unlikable when together.

68. Paul Twocock

Assistant Chief Executive at Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) in London, UK.

69. Saad Maan


70. Dr. Shit Fun Chew

Scientist of the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

71. Dick Felt

A former American football player.

72. Lazer

Son of musician Diplo, with a name reflecting energy and modernity.

73. Barb Dwyer

Sounds like “barbed wire” and has been found in various public records.

74. Chris P. Cream

A common yet strange name that sounds like “crispy cream”.

75. Justin Case

A name found in real life that plays on the phrase “just in case”.

76. Anita Bath

A name documented in public records that sounds like “I need a bath”.

77. Justin Sider

A name that sounds like “just inside her”.

78. Candy Barr

The name of a famous exotic dancer from the 1950s.

79. Terry Bull

A real name that sounds like “terrible”.

80. Robin Banks

A name that sounds like “robbing banks” – not sure that they would approve your loan with this one.

81. Rich Ricci

A real person, a former bank executive.

82. Justin Payne

A name that sounds like “just in pain”. We feel you, Justin.

83. Gaye Males

Say this one aloud.

84. Pat Mycock

Ok, maybe skip saying this one.

85. Rusty Pipes

A name that sounds like old, corroded plumbing.

86. Phil McCracken

A provocative name from Ulster and nearby Galloway, Scotland.

87. Mike Litoris

A name of a person who was probably good with female anatomy.

88. Fulk the Fat

A count of Anjou in the 10th century, known for his unusual name.

89. Ragnar Hairy-Breeches

A legendary Norse hero with a memorable and weird name.

90. Eystein Foul-Fart

A less-known Viking figure with a very unappealing name.

91. Dick Passwater

A former race car driver.

92. Willie Stroker

A name that has appeared in multiple public records.

93. Harry Baals

A former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, whose name caused some controversy when a government building was suggested to be named after him.

94. Cash Register

A name that has appeared in public records, sounding like the money-handling device.

95. Hugh Jass

A name that sounds like “huge ass” and has been documented in various contexts.

96. Anita Mann

A name that sounds like “I need a man”, found in public records.

97. Sam Sung

A former employee of Apple whose name humorously coincided with the rival brand Samsung.

98. Phuc Dat Bich

An Australian man whose name went viral after he posted his passport on social media to prove it was real.

99. Dick Long

A name that could easily be the subject of jokes.

100. Dick Butkus

A former NFL player with a name that sounds funny.


Names are one of our most important attributes – they can shape our characters, influence traits, and are something that we carry throughout our whole lives. Having a unique name can become challenging due to social norms and our surrounding society – funny names can become a subject of mockery at school and beyond. That’s why it’s very important to research names, their origins, meanings, and translations to other languages before committing to name your children. Luckily, if worse comes to worst, names can be changed.

At Names and Facts, we celebrate names, their variety and diversity. Having a unique name is a blessing and a gift – it just requires a little bit of research. We hope that you have enjoyed this list as much as we did and now think of names a bit differently.

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